The History of Edwards Brothers Coaches

The business was founded in 1946 by the three brothers - Horace, Dick and Frank Edwards. The brothers started from scratch and built their garage in the village of Tiers Cross. In the days after the war, building materials were in such short supply that the concrete blocks had to be made on site before construction could begin.

In the early days the work consisted mainly of repairing agricultural machinery and the cars an lorries in the immediate locality. A large private hire car was operated which undertook daily tasks such as conveying farmers to the markets along with their produce - butter, eggs, vegetables, chickens and rabbits. Another good earner was transporting local greyhound owners and their dogs to local race venues.

In the 50's and early 60's, (before the coming of mains electricity) an agency was held for Lister engines and electricity generating plants. Many Pembrokeshire people remember these being installed and the revolution of having electricity in the home and on the farm. Agencies were also held for Pearce agricultural machinery and Simplex milking machines.

The 60's saw the purchase of the first minibus and then the first coach. By the early 70's five minibuses and coaches were operated and this remained constant until 1985. The nearby business of Fred Jones Coaches was acquired upon the retirement of the owner, increasing the fleet to 12 vehicles.

From then to the present day the fleet has increased to around 18 vehicles with seating capacities ranging from 16 to 57. Executive vehicles are operated featuring onboard WC's, hot and cold drink facilities, air conditioning, air suspension and double glazing.

The large vehicles outgrew the old garage and in 1993 a new garage complex was constructed to accomodate the entire fleet, with sufficient adjacent land for expansion if ever required.